About My Blog

When I first launched this blog, I was a simple college student, transferred from a secular college to a Catholic one, an English major, a self-proclaimed theologian. I started this blog purely on a whim, just as a way to flex my writing muscles and develop a sense of style and my own online voice.

Now I’m a college graduate, still simple and striving to be the best I can be and love the most I can love. Since the 2012 launch, this blog has turned into something more, something deeper, than just a student seeking a voice. It has become a handwritten map of my faith life.

I can’t tell you the exact moment in time that I fell in love with faith, nor can I tell you the exact moments in time that I turned away and came running back, swaying and rocking, oscillating between fervent love and permeating dryness. I can tell you that regardless of what has ever happened to me on my faith journey, I have never once wanted to stop the trip – I’m determined to see this journey to the end, and to reach my happy destination: Heaven!

I do not claim to know everything, nor do I expect to know everything. When I began this blog, I thought that perhaps when I learned everything, I could share it. I have since discovered that I know nothing, and that’s okay.

I hope we can continue to write the map together.

Happy journeying!

P.S. in the header is a quote – this is actually the combination of two verses from 2 Corinthians, from chapter 7 and from chapter 10. Both verses use the idea of “endless bounds” (and actually, the blog was originally called “Knows No Bounds” before I relaunched it) so much so that I felt the need to combine them for it to be as good as it could be. Scripture Purists, please don’t kill me. The Word of God is still good and beautiful, even when smushed together in a blog header.


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