Waking Up to a Storm


I woke up to a rainstorm today.

Trees bowing in the wind, drooping low under their scarf of rain-heavy leaves.

Shoes soggy, toes cold, fingers fumbling to brush away seeping drops seeking stops under scarf, sock, skin.

Today I woke up to a rainstorm.

When you feel like you can’t catch a break –

mice behind the stove

the number on the bill higher than the number in the account

the dishes pile high but the pantry runs low

When you feel like you can’t catch a breath –

the mailbox empty except for bills

the clock runs faster than your feet

the bus is late but the alarm always goes off too early

When you wake up to a foggy window soggy sky groggy mind –

When you see yourself and hear yourself becoming someone you don’t recognize, when you watch people move and shift around you but you’re standing still, when you’re stuck in a constant waiting game and you’re waiting alone –

When you wake up to a rainstorm –

Rest easy.

We must weather the weather whether we want to or not.

Remember that it ends.

it isn’t a waiting game if it doesn’t end, otherwise what are you waiting for?

It isn’t really waking up to a rainstorm, it’s simply waking up.

Today I woke up.

And how many people get another day to wake up, another day to wait?


The rain ends.

The sun shakes its mane dry.

The trees lift their hooded faces and stretch their arms in satisfied golden glory.

The clouds slumber.

And maybe when I wake up tomorrow, they will have woken up –

And I will awake to another rainstorm.

But for now, I will rest easy.

I will rest.


Today, I splashed with my shoe and people could complain about the wet cold drip but do you see the ripple I made?

I’m making a difference.

You see those ripples that keep going on going out stretching far when I take one step?

You can’t make a splash if you’re afraid to get wet.

You can’t make a difference if you’re afraid.


I woke up to a rainstorm today –

And maybe I made a difference to somebody today.

Or maybe I didn’t, but at least I woke up.

When you can’t catch a break or a breath –

When you try to catch a star and it keeps on sailing past –

When you try to make a difference but today just isn’t the day –

When you wake up to a rainstorm –

Rest, rest easy.

Remember, it ends.


The rain will slumber.

Your lungs will clear.

The puddles will still, will lie in wait for ripple-makers.

Rest comes. Seek rest, and breathe.


Seek His Rest.

You’ll wake up.

And maybe when you wake, the storm will have passed.

And after the storm, the blessings pop up like the green that slaked its thirst on the blood of the storm clouds.

And you’ll see the world anew, after the earth is washed clean from its caked-on humanity.

Or maybe you’ll wake up and see another grey day, crying sky.

But I know that if I turn to sleep on a storm, I will wake up.

And that’s good enough for me.




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