Daughters, I have envy.

I envy you, Woman.

You who walked with Him, talked with Him, held Him in your arms.

I envy the time you spent with Him – the times you sat by His feet and the times He looked in your eyes and called you by name.

I envy you, Apostle to the Apostles, who celebrated with them and greeted Him first.

And you! I envy you, too –

you who offered Him comfort with a simple veil.

You who ran through the crowds to see Him one last time before His timely death.

You, Women, you who invited Him into your home.

You who ate with Him and perfumed His feet, you who cooked for Him and satisfied His hunger.

You who watched Him raise your brother – I envy you both, as well!

You who was saved from sure death and granted mercy by Him personally – I envy you!

You who greeted Him at the well, you with your deep faith, I envy you!

Daughters of Jerusalem, you were called by name, by Him, and I envy you!

But I have met Him too.

I haven’t held His hand personally, but I’ve felt His touch.

I haven’t seen Him physically but I’ve seen His works.

I wasn’t lucky enough to know Him during His earthly life but –

I have heard Him call my name.

I have seen His works and felt His spirit.

I know Him and He knows me.

I am His beloved.

Daughters of Jerusalem, I envy you all for your blessings.

But I am a daughter too.

“Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me but for your children!”

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