Knows No Bounds: The Story

There’s something surreal about typing a post and knowing someone, somewhere, will read this. I don’t know who you are.

But in any event, I’m not doing this for you. Sorry, but you’re not that crucial. You’re important, don’t get me wrong. What’s a blog without any readers? But all the same, this is more for my benefit than for yours.

Of course I hope that what you read strikes you in some way and you find, like the catchy title I labored over for quite some time, endless inspiration and joy which knows no bounds. But I’m also trying to find inspiration and joy, and writing brings me both of those things. I’m trying to deepen my faith, and preaching – no matter to whom – brings me that deepening.

My tagline is an edited form of a verse from 2 Corinthians 7 and 2 Corinthians 10:15 and 16. It’s not too edited, I just changed the pronouns, and you can read the original verse here. I stumbled upon this verse after I named my blog, coincidentally, but I’m now realizing that this whole journey that I’ve been living which has brought me up to this point where I have a blog – it’s had God’s hand on it the entire time.

Knows no bounds? I’m hoping my faith will have endess bounds.

Which brings me to this post you have in front of you. I’m hoping that free association, non-fiction, journalism, stream-of-consciousness…whatever you categorize as a blog…brings me joy, inspiration, a deeper faith. I hope it brings you these things.

I write just to taste words and try them out in new melodic arrangements. I write to clear my head and organize my thoughts. I write to provide dry laughs to the few people visiting my post. I write as therapy, as a method of teaching. And I write because, honestly, the amount of stuff going around in my head, the amount of unconnected thoughts and ideas, knows no bounds. So here you go.


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